Alkaline Water in Australia 101: Everything You Need to Know

image of alkaline water in australiaWater is considered the element that gives life and is a vital piece in human civilisation. Without it, it is impossible to sustain life on this planet. Water is used in drinking, cleaning and in doing many other types of activities whether domestic or commercial. However, most people do not know that there are still other uses of water, and in order to get such benefits, all they need to do is get a water alkalizer.

Alkalized water is a relatively new term, which pertains to water that underwent electrolysis. In this process, the number of substance molecules in the water is reduced. For instance, the usual number of cluster molecules from well water ranges from 15 to 20. After electrolysis, that range is reduced to just 4 to 6 molecules.

Why is that important?

People drink water in order to be refreshed from the heat, or to rehydrate after a strenuous physical activity. The fewer the molecules water has when you drink it, the faster it gets absorbed and used by the body. Makes sense, right?

This only means that an alkaline water ionizer can help improve water in your home. Here are some things it can do:

  • Takes away chemicals such as chlorine
  • Improves taste through natural minerals
  • Reduces the number of cluster molecules so water gets absorbed by the body easier
  • Helps fight free radicals

Fight against free radicals

Now, we get to the part where water can fight free radicals from the body. Free radicals are excess oxygen electrons that are unpaired, and thus attach themselves to healthy molecules of the human body. When more and more free radicals enter cells, they may eventually damage tissues and lead to diseases.

An alkalized water from an alkaline water machine helps fight these free radicals. Water molecules attach themselves to the free radicals so they don’t have to stick to healthy cells and molecules.

Find the best alkaline water filters in Australia

Now that you are aware how important water is, and how you can further improve its benefits for you and your family, it is time to start looking for an alkaline water filter. Fortunately, Chanson Alkaline Water Australia is here to offer the best water filtration products and ionizers in the market today. In addition, there are also personnel willing to provide help in the installation of filters. Call CS Water now on 1800 882 711 for more details.

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