Reduce Your Energy Expenses with Quality Window Awnings

What exactly are window awnings? Window awnings are metal or fabric treatment for windows. they might be put on a fixed frame or a retractable one. Most people invest in awnings to provide shelter from the sun and rain but did you know that it can also significantly reduce your energy expenses? How exactly is this so?

Now indoor spaces which have windows that have actually awnings installed on them is going to be much cooler than rooms that are offered to sunshine. Awnings furnish shade additional shade for indoor spaces such that you can keep your curtains open and remain protected from excessive heat. This in turn helps keep indoor spaces at a comfortable temperature and reduces the demand on your air conditioning units. The amount that you can save on your electricity bills may not seem much but over the course of a year, these too can pile up and many find that awnings ultimately pay for themselves and are well worth the investment.

Just just how much energy can one save by installing window awnings? There have actually been lots of discussion on just how much energy you can anticipate to save by setting up awnings. It’s not unusual for reputable shutter companies like “Shutters Australia” to put in claims amounting to 50 percent or more monetary-cost savings on energy usage when compared to the cost of running a/c units.

In one study cited by reputable websites like,  homeowners who’ve recently  had window awnings installed were asked whether they’ve actually experience a noticeable decrease in their energy expenses. Many report a 40 to 60 percent decrease in their air conditioning expenses. Given these figures, it’s easy to see how  a simple window awning can help make your home more energy-efficient.

Fixed versus retractable window awnings

Do you know the advantages of setting up retractable versus fixed window awnings? Most property owners prefer to install retractable awnings on their own windows as it allows them to fold away the awnings during the winter season when they aren’t needed as much. Frequently these homeowners will pick a combination of both fixed and retractable awnings.

Most businesses and commercial establishments on the on the other hand prefer fixed awnings installed above their door and windows. This helps them pull in more customers especially for cafes and dining establishments making it a worthwhile business investment.